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Cheap washing machines-good value for money.

WARNING: Overloading your machine can cause serious operational problems

There are a few washing machines that can be bought for under 200. In my experience these machines do not last very long if you use them a lot. You should choose your washing machine more carefully and not just buy the cheapest. Buying the cheapest can easly cost you more long term.

Whirlpool is a well established household name. Many whirlpool brand of washing machines are for sale at between 230 and 300. This brand have always produced good, cheap washing machines.

As a service engineer, the brand that I am least likely to be called out to in the price range of 230 to 350 is Whirlpool. Year on year whirlpool washing machines have proven to be extreamly reliable and are very good investment.

Whirlpool has some 26 different models of washing machines. Any one of these would be a very good investment. That may mean 26 different prices because they all have different features.

If you stick to usage guidelines this brand of machine is likely to serve you well for many years. This means wash within the loading guidelines. In my view, what really kills a washing machine in this price category is the constant washing of heavier than recommended loads day after day.

If you are only interested in a good basic washing machine from a brand that is environmentally friendly and robust enough to do your washing, my recommendation is up to that task. Ideally, it should have a drum size of 5 or 6kg, very good energy efficiency, above average water consumption (40 - 50L) and 1200 -1400 spin.

That machine is the:


I have compiled a list of top online stores that stock this machine so that you can compare prices

Hot tips

1200 - 1400 spin.
5/6kg drum size.

nice pic

A+, A, and B:

  • Energy class
  • Wash performance
  • Spin efficiency
  • For under 270

    Extended warranty

    Extended warranties are a bit of a buffer against things going wrong.

    The cost varies with the brand of appliance you buy and is a good indicator of what is reliable and what is not so reliable.

    The cheaper extended warranties obviously reflect the more reliable appliances.

    Go to any good online shop and make comparisons before you buy.