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Just click on a book to open it and all questions will be answered unreservedly.

Are washing machines worth fixing these days?

Faults like not draining, not spinning, overfilling and leaking are very common and a service is normally all that is required. Where parts are required, the total repair cost is normally well within the cost of a new machine.

Washing machine faults are often conceived, by the user, to be much more serious than they actually are.

Often the wrong decision is made to replace the machine for a new one, when all it needed was a good service.

Seek the opinion of a service engineer, no one else, before you get rid of what could be a perfectly good machine.

Can you tell what's wrong without seeing the machine?

Yes. More often than not I know what is wrong from the description of the fault and the answer given to certain questions that I might ask.

For example, you have a washing machine that will not wash or spin. You would then be asked questions like: "What is the make?", "How old is it?", "How many loads do you wash in a week?", " Does it take in and drain the water?".

The answers you give to these questions would give me big clues as to what is wrong with the machine.

This means more often than not, I can quote realistic repair cost on the telephone. All this comes down to experience of the various brands and their faults. It also separates the experienced engineer from the not so experienced.

Do you charge extortionate prices?

I consider myself to be very competitive and fair. Consequently, I hang on to my customers, unlike one or two I could mention, who may charge up to 50.00 more for doing the same job and therefore can not retain customers.

I am proud to say my workmanship is top quality and where parts are fitted, guaranteed for 12 months. Please ring around by all means but make sure you know what you are getting for your money.

What exactly, will I get for my money if I call you out?

You will get me. I am a highly reputable one man operation, genuine, honest, reliable and friendly. I provide a standard of work which is envied by many large companies.

The service that I provide allows for up to an hour and a half in which to find and repair the fault. This is time a service engineer working for a large company or shop can ill afford due to his excessive daily workload. Consequently , it is rush in, tell you some rubbish, charge you and rush out to the next job.

The alternative is to have me with my relaxed, confident and methodical approach that delivers a greater rate of success. I hope you will realize that you will be getting a real bargain for your money.

Do you charge for a call out?

There is no charge for the time spent traveling to your address. However, There will be an inspection charge.

The purpose of me being called out is to spend time inspecting your machine and then to inform you of the cause of the fault. If having done that, you then decide to buy new, there will be a minimum charge.

You are also reminded that a "call out charge" is understood to be for the time spent traveling to an address and does not include extra time spent checking your machine for the cause of the fault.

Do you cover my area?

Diagnostics and repairs are carried out by me in the following Bristol postal areas: BS 1 to BS 11, BS 13 to BS 16, BS 20, BS 30 to BS 32, BS 34 to BS 37 and BS 41

Can you really fix any make of machine?

Yes, you name it - I fix it! subject to the availability of spares.

All washing machines have the same basic working principles irrespective of their different appearance.

They all have familiar parts that carry out similar functions. Sometimes the design may vary but it is still a pump, motor, heater element, water level sensor or timer/programmer.

Will you have the necessary spares?

95% of repairs are normally effected during the first visit. Where a spare part has to be ordered it is normally available within a couple of days.

What is the lifespan of a washing machine?

The lifespan of a washing machine is that point when the machine first develope a natural fault which is not caused by user error.

It depends on ussage but a typical lifespan is between 5 and 8 years. During that time the machine may develope many faults due to user error.

Faults that are not caused by user error are usually because of wear and tear.

Inspection, service and repairs can extend the life of your washing machine for many more years at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

How can I tell if a machine is reliable?

If you care for your machine you will find them generally reliable. That means do not overload. Most washing machine faults stems from overloading. Overloading can cause the demise of your machine.

You can determine which machines are more susceptible to problems simply by gauging how much is being charged for extended warranties. The better machines usually have cheaper extended warranties because they are not expected to breakdown often. This information is freely available by going to any online shop.

Are you paid a commission by the manufacturers to recommend their brands?

I wish. My customers are always asking me to recommend a good washing machine.

I am genuine, honest and fair. My recommendations are considered to be a fair assumption by many who work in my capacity as a service engineer and is not biased in any way.

My openion is based on observations over many years and is not about any particular model of washing machine.

It is about brand reliability, brands that are established enough to have ironed out design faults they may have had over the years. Brands that are constantly reliable year on year.

My recommendations are also based on the number of washes you do each week and show a caring way of providing information you just dont get in the shops. I have even gone the extra mile and brought all the good online shops togather under one roof for you to compare prices.

Commissions earned for advertising merchants products are secondary to my desire to provide a quality service to my customers and anyone else who may be interested.

Hot tips

Smelly machines and discoloured door seals are caused by bacteria. Bacteria grows where non-biological detergents are used.

nice pic

Perform a monthly wash at high temperature using biological detergent. The bleach in biological detergent kills bacteria.

This wash should have no load except for one or two old items that are not required. This helps to splash the water around in the drum so as to kill off bacteria.

Leaving the door open between washes will also help to keep bacteria at bay.