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WARNING: Protect your washing machine, do not overload. It is better to wash often than to overload.

Choose a washing machine based on its capability

Buying a new washing machine should not just be about a bigger drum size, faster spin speed, flashing lights and a colour to blend with your kitchen. It is good sense to choose a machine based on the amount of workload it will be put through.

This information is not available to you in the shops because shop assistants do not get feedback on brand reliability under excessive working conditions. This is an insight exclusive to the service engineers who are out in the field picking up the pieces day in day out.

If you are back in the market for a new washing machine or if you are a first time buyer and want to ensure you are getting the best possible value for money, buy a washing machine that can meet the needs of the family.

You will stand a much better chance of getting a washing machine that will last for many years as well as save you money long term.

The amount of washes you do each week will determine the washing machine that is most suitable for you. Ensure your chosen number of washes does not include overloading.

Hot tips

Do not buy a donkey ...

nice pic

..to do the work of a shire horse!

Overloading your machine can cause damage to timer, motor, pcb, drum bearings and suspensions.

nice pic

This picture shows the correct drum load. There should be room at the top of the load for your hand with thumb apart.