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Washing machine recommendations

The most important question when shopping for a new washing machine should be: can this machine cope with the number of washes it is going to do each week? If you fail to address this question you may very well choose the wrong washing machine.

Some people think the way around this question is to buy a cheap washing machine and replace it every couple of years. Well, if you over work a cheap washing machine, you will be lucky if it last 18 months. So, let me show you how to address the question and still choose a cheap washing machine that can last much longer than 2 years.

I am a washing machine service engineer with over fifteen years experience. I am regularly called out to people who have bought a cheap washing machine that is not able to cope and so, needs to be replaced all too soon.

Some cheap washing machines are good washing machines that can last much longer than a couple of years. The trick is not to rely on luck but to choose correctly before you buy. The washing machines that I recommend are not only very good washing machines, they are also reliable and are least likely to be called out to.

It never ceases to amaze me of the poor condition some cheap washing machines quickly end up in, due to being used 3 or 4 times per week in an overload capacity. I have therefore categorized washing machines according to the number of washes they can comfortably do each week.

Each category will reveal the best washing machine for cost and quality. All you have to do is to choose the number of wash loads you do each week.

Sadly, washing machine sales do not offer a washing machine based on the number of washes it will be doing each week. This means you the consumer may loose out by choosing wrongly.

As a washing machine service engineer, I never recommend a washing machine unless I know the amount of wash loads it will be doing each week. That is one certain way of reaching the manufacturer's recommended lifespan.

Hot tips

On many ocassion a perfectly good washing machine is thrown out because someone has decided it was no good.

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Before you go on the trail of a new washing machine, make absolutely sure your old washing machine is beyond economical repair.

Speak to Bob at ABS.