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Fix It Or Bin It?

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Hello and welcome to the residence of Keynsham. We are service engineers who give free advice. We are at the forefront of design faults and we have the best solution for your domestic appliance problems.

We also have your best interest at heart and so, would not want you to pay dearly, just to be told it is time to get a new appliance. That is why we recommend that you ring us so that we can give you the advice you need.

I suppose all you are interested in at the end of the day, is if it can be fixed at a reasonable cost. We will answer that question as honestly as we can. If we think it is time to buy a new one, that is the advice we will give you. Our advice is based on the information you give us.

So simply saying 'it's not working' when we ask you what is the problem, is not good enough. We can't help you if you say 'It's a washing machine' when we ask for the make. So the advice you get is based on how much information you give us.

The more information you give, the better the advice. More often than not you will find that the fault is not as serious as you thought and the repair cost is cheaper than those offering fixed price repairs.

Be careful not to base your decision to bin an appliance on its age alone. Do not overlook the quality of the brand. If the brand is of a good quality and the condition looks reasonably well, you could save yourself a large sum of money by having a chat with us.

Brand Quality

Every white goods service engineer that I know, will agree that certain washing machines are just pure quality while others are not so good,(you get what you pay for) especially the cheaper ones.

It seems that the more cheaper ones are just made to throw away when things go seriously wrong. The question is: How do you know when things have gone seriously wrong without being told by a professional repair man? If the appliance has a fault, it is not necessarily a serious one!

Brand Peculiarity

The experienced service engineer also knows that the various brands of washing machines have their own peculiarities. That is to say, that they almost all behave differently when things go wrong. The reason for this is in the design and designs are generally unique to the individual brands. We are at the forefront of design faults!


Our experience of brand peculiarities will tell us if a washing machine is worth fixing or not. All you have to do is explain to us what the machine is doing or not doing, as the case may be. We will tell you whether it is worth fixing. This way we can save you time and money!


You may ask yourself: Why do they provide this service? The answer in a word is, fairness. This is born from a desire to prove that our repair service is real value for money. Would you like to pay us to come and tell you that your machine is only fit for the scrap heap? There are many people parting with their money this way, don't be one of them!

Where we are - Where we go

I am based in Yate, Bristol. I offer a top quality repair service in your area daily

I am ready to carry out repairs to your appliances including: Samsung fridgefreezer, American style side by side, Range cookers, rangemasters, leisure, Murcury, Britannia, Hotpoint, Bosch, dishwashers, Siemens, washing machines, integrated, CDA, Neff, Admiral, Whirlpool, Deplomat and Caple.

The areas that I cover includes: Bitton, Slimbridge and Saltford. If you are from any of these areas, please give me a call. I may be just around the corner!

Fix it...

You choose

..Or bin it?


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