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Avoid buying the wrong part. Use the correct model and other numbers. In the world of white goods, model numbers are used to determine the correct parts for your appliance. The danger with not using the correct model number in your search is that you may end up getting a part that may seem like the correct part but may vary slighly and will not fit. If this were to happen, it could prove to be both costly and time consuming.

Additional numbers

The label with the model numbers often also show Serial numbers or product numbers. These numbers are also required and you should have them to hand and include them when you fill in the parts enquiry form. These numbers may come in the form of Mod numbers, S/N numbers, Prod or PNC numbers.

Bosch Neff and Siemens

This group of appliances all have E-Nr numbers for their model numbers. These are 12 digit numbers as in this example: E-Nr SMS53L02GB/02 All 12 digits are required. The 2 digits after the / are critical in pinpointing the exact part.

Dishwashers within this group would normally have the E-Nr number at the top of the door frame. It is normally very faint because it is engraved into the metal and this area may require cleaning before it becomes visible.


It is common for people to take the model number from the handbook. This is not recommended and can often result in the wrong part being ordered. Handbooks are generally written for a group of appliances with similar functions but totally different parts.

Where to look

Generally, if you open the door and have a good look around the door area, you will find the label with the appliance details. This is usually the case for washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and tumble dryers.

Look in the fridge compartment of a fridgefreezer also remove the perishable trays if necessary. Avoid simply taking numbers from the control panel of the appliance. These are not normally the full model number. Without the full model number, we will not be able to help you.

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