The company terms ( in upper case ), their meaning and conditions are as stated in these pages. When you browse these pages you are deemed to have accepted any part of the following:

The reason for seeking technical help or advice is to help assess faults so that cost effective decissons can be made between repairing and buying new.

The decision to carry out repairs on any domestic appliance is ultimately yours. You should not be repairing domestic appliances if you are not suitably qualified.

On occasions when the actual fault is difficult to isolate and when the cause is not clear or is 50 50 between two components so requiring the need to guess, such guesses are solely yours and not that of the company. The decission to spend money in pursuit of repairing your appliance is yours. The company is not liable for monies spent unnecessarly.

The views of this web site are those of its authors including Bob Franklin. Contents are based on the experience of Bob Franklin and are not necessarly scientific or factual. Content are for your consideration and may or may not be accurate. No part of this site should be treated as gosple.


Meaning R.H.Franklin otherwise known as Bob. The service provider and the company is not responsible for the level of skill or care employed in carrying out checks and will therefore not accept liability for any damage or resulting injuries howsoever caused.

THE COMPANYDeemed to be R. H. Franklin trading as ABS Bradley Stoke, will not accept liability for damage or injury, howsoever caused, due to actions you or third party acting on your behalf may have taken as a result of advice given by The company, irespective of wheither you or third party acting on your behalf are suitably qualified.
USERThe person whose phone is being used for the purpose of listening to the advice. The user is deemed to have authorised the the owner of the appliance or third party to seek the advice of the service provider. The owner or third party should seek permission from the user before ringing any premium line advertised on this site.
THIRD PARTY(Persons acting on behalf of the owner). In the case of a Third party, advice is given strictly to that third party who may or may not be the user. The company and its service provider can not be held responaible for the said advice being relayed to other indeveduals.
OWNERIs the owner of the domestic appliance
CUSTOMERIs the person paying for the service and is deemed to be the user.
ADVICE(Information based on 18 years of cumulative experience in dealing with domestic appliances and their problems) Advice is given accordingly, to the user, customer, owner or third party as and when it is asked. Advice is given according to the appliance and its fault. Advice is given to cover areas where checks should be carried out and reasons for such checks. Advice may come in chunks of information given at different times to help isolate the problem. The advice may or may not solve the problem. The advice is a means of of isolating or narrowing down the fault through the process of elimination. Advice given is not how repairs should be carried out, but where checks should be carried out in order to isolate the fault.
CHECK or CHECKS(Steps to take in order to isolate the fault.) Responsibility for your health and safety lies solely with you. The company is not responsible for damages either to yourself or property including appliance and building.
PROBLEM(problem is deemed to mean the same as 'FAULT'). It is when you think the appliance is the cause of a problem or has developed a fault.
DOMESTIC APPLIANCEshould mean UK electrical 'white goods' namely Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cookers, Tumble dryers, Fridges, Freezers and Fridgefreezers.
COMMON FAULTSDeemed to be day to day repetitive domestic appliance faults